Children’s Dentistry near Lalor


The foundation for good dental health starts  young. We recommend children visit the dentist as early as two years old or as soon as they get their baby teeth. Where possible, bring them along to a parent/guardian’s exam appointment to get them used to the sights and sounds of a dentist at work! Regular visits along with an adult will help the child alleviate the often unfounded fear of the dentist’s chair, and arrive at an understanding that dental visits are a normal part of growing up!

Different children might require different times to become comfortable with the idea of sitting in the dental chair. But when they are ready to sit in the ‘big chair’ (either by themselves or on a parent/guardians lap), we do a ‘show & tell’ with the interesting tools we use, we count teeth, check for cavities, show how to brush. We want their first experiences to be friendly and relaxing, as this will help to set the stage for good dental habits for life.

Our dental clinic near Lalor is designed to be child-friendly, with a pleasant ambience and a team that knows just how to soothe and calm any apprehensions that kids might have about visiting a dentist. In fact, most of our child patients eagerly look forward to their visit with our dentist near Lalor! Along with regular check-ups, our dentist will also demonstrate the correct way to brush and floss, and educate them about the importance of simple habits that can help them maintain good dental hygiene.

Please contact us should you have any questions regarding your child’s first dental visit.

Majority of decay begins between teeth- we use modern digital X-rays to identify these areas and discuss techniques to arrest current decay and prevent further problems.


A new scheme for children under 18yrs began in 2013. Eligible children will have access to $1,000 of dental treatment (covered by Medicare) over two calendar years. This scheme covers most general dental treatment, i.e., examination, clean, restoration, fissure sealing, extraction etc. Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry are not covered. To find out more about Child Dental Benefits Schedule, visit

Feel free to contact us for further information regarding the Child Dental Benefits schedule at 9460 6627.

Our children’s dentist near Lalor is trusted by the local community and has been the dentist of choice for many children in the locality.


Q: I can see a black hole” decay” on my daughter’s baby tooth. Should I be concerned even if it’s a baby tooth?
A: It is important to have it checked and restored by a child’s dentist near Lalor. Decay in baby teeth develops quickly, and if left  untreated may result in pain, swelling and eventually early loss of this baby tooth and possibly contribute to future crowding of the growing adult teeth.

Q: My 6 year son has a new adult tooth growing behind the baby incisor on the lower jaw, but his baby tooth in front is not loose yet?
A: The good news is, naturally the new adult teeth will move forward as it erupts to its full height, the root of baby incisor will be slowly dissolved and become mobile, and eventually fall out by itself. A child who has limited spaces in their lower jaw for new tooth may experience delay in this natural process and may result in crowding (overlap or uneven teeth).

QA dentist has suggested placing fissure sealants for my 7 year old child?  What is fissure sealant?
A: fissure sealant is a protective coating that is applied to the chewing surface of back teeth, commonly permanent adult molars, sealing off the grooves and crannies that tend to collect food. The sealant protects tooth enamel from plaque and acid, hence it is a preventive treatment. Sealants can last up to 10 years.  Procedure is simple, no anaesthetic required, no discomfort for your child.