Dental Implants

Missing teeth can really come in the way of living normally at multiple levels. For one, it can hamper normal chewing and speech and could leave one with limited options when it comes to food. Secondly, it can also impact self-confidence, especially in social situations, and could even alter the natural contours of the face. There are multiple dental options for artificial teeth, however, dental implants continue being among the most preferred of these.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgically implanted replacement tooth roots. They provide a sturdy base for a replacement tooth by taking the place of your severely decayed, injured or missing tooth root. These are made to match your other teeth. 

This implant is like a screw-like mechanism that is surgically placed into the jawbone. In terms of function, it mimics an actual tooth and is considered a largely permanent prosthodontic procedure as compared to other alternatives like dentures and implants.

There are two major types of implants – endosteal and subperiosteal – depending on how the implant is  inserted. If you are considering getting a dental implant near Preston, then you have come to the right place – Edwardes Street Dental takes care of cases requiring dental implants and much more.

The key benefits of dental implants

Dental implants function just like natural teeth, and with a crown on top, look just like natural teeth! This effectively means that it would be nearly impossible to make out that there was a missing tooth earlier. Apart from the obvious functional benefits of being able to chew, eat and speak as earlier, we have seen that this helps our patients receive an immense confidence boost, and they no longer shy away from social interactions. Dental implants also help prevent the surrounding bone structure from shrinking, and this helps preserve facial aesthetics.

What to expect during a dental implant?

A dental implant is a surgical procedure, and getting one would require you to commit to a timeline that could span anything between 6 to 9 months, which would include time for healing. That being said, once you have it, it is akin to a natural tooth and with the right care, you would not need to worry about it for years to come.

1. Initial Evaluation

The actual implant procedure to be followed would be decided based on a comprehensive initial evaluation, which will include taking X-rays and impressions of your existing tooth structure. This will help our dentist ascertain whether you make a suitable candidate for an implant, as well as the best type of implant for you. In case of insufficient bone mass or strength, we might even recommend a bone grafting prior to the implant, and this is a separate procedure that will require its own time to heal.

2. Implant Placement

No matter what type of implant being placed, it would require us to administer local anaesthesia, to minimize discomfort. As this is a surgical procedure, you can expect to see some swelling and redness for the next few days, and this is completely normal. In the months that follow, the surrounding bone bonds with the implant, affixing it securely in place and creating a stable foundation for a dental crown. This process varies from patient to patient and could take anything from 6 to 9 months.

3. Abutment Placement

Once the bone has healed and the implant is stable, it is time to place the abutment in the gum tissue above the implant. This will serve as the connecting link between the implant and the crown and will hold the crown in place. In some cases, the abutment is placed along with the implant, but generally speaking, this is a small procedure that only requires local anaesthesia.

4. Crown Placement

The gum tissue will heal in a few weeks post abutment placement, and only then will you be ready for a dental crown. This final step involves the placement of a custom-created crown over the abutment. This crown will be created in accordance with actual impressions of your natural teeth, so as to ensure that it blends in with your other teeth. You could opt for a permanent or removable crown, as per your choice. It will take a few weeks to get used to the new crown, and during this time, you could let us know if you face any discomfort or swelling. 

Our team is experienced with dental implants, and you can count on us if you are looking for dental implants near Preston. To book an appointment, you could simply choose the online booking option on our website.

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