Relieve Pain And Save Your Tooth With A Root Canal At Edwardes Dental

If you have been experiencing intense and persistent tooth ache or heightened  sensitivity, it could be a sign of decay or infection. If this is not arrested in time, the decay could even reach the pulp of the tooth and affect the nerves, making it really painful and difficult to eat or drink. This also calls for a dental check-up to diagnose the cause of the pain.

While there could be varying degrees of decay and different approaches to treat these, a root canal is usually recommended to save a badly decayed or infected tooth with a damaged tooth pulp, and protect it from further deterioration. Edwardes Street Dental offers root canal treatments for patients of all ages.

The Root Canal Procedure at our Preston Clinic

Root canal is a common dental procedure that entails removing the infection from the tooth’s pulp, and doing the necessary work to ensure that any further damage is stopped. Also known as endodontic treatment (endo = inside; dontic = tooth), the complete root canal procedure usually takes 2-3 sittings at our clinic.

1st sitting:

The very first step starts with finding out the degree of infection through a dental x-ray. Once this is done, local anesthesia is administered to ensure zero pain during the procedure. Our dentists will open up the tooth to clean out the damaged pulp tissue, bacterial toxins and any other infected portion, and disinfect the entire area with antibiotics once this is done. This canal is then sealed with a temporary filling to allow it to heal, till the next appointment.

2nd sitting:

On your second visit, our dentist will remove the temporary filling and replace it with permanent filling. Your tooth will then be prepared for a dental crown, and measurements will be taken to prepare your custom crown. Till then, you would receive a temporary crown.

3rd sitting:

This is the last sitting, in which we would replace your temporary crown with a custom, made to order permanent dental crown that would look as natural as the rest of your teeth.
Some degree of pain and swelling is normal post the procedure. However, we recommend icing the area, and also taking prescription medicines to ease the pain.

The Edwardes Dental Advantage

Apart from our experienced dentists who are known for their gentle hands and patient-centric approach, we also use the most advanced dental technology for root canals at our Preston clinic. We accept payment plans by Denticare, to make it easy for those who wish to spread the cost of the treatment. But the biggest advantage would be the fact that you can always expect an honest and fair consultation and advice from our end.
If you think you might need a root canal, do come over at our Preston clinic for a check-up. Rest assured, you would not be asked to undergo any procedure that is not necessary.

Frequently asked questions from parents:

Q: Is root canal a painful procedure?
A: Root canal is certainly a much feared term, due to the perceived pain. However, the actual pain of the procedure is nothing compared to the pain if you do not get it done, and the procedure helps to relieve that pain. Also, the local anaesthesia administered prior to the procedure makes it a painless experience for patients.

Q: What are the associated risks with a root canal?
A: Usually, a root canal is a regular endodontic procedure with a high success rate. Moreover, we make sure that our patients are well aware of all the possible risks before we move ahead. However, this doesn’t take away from the rare occurrence of risks like re-infection, tooth discolouration or dislocation.
In case you had a root canal and are having unexpected side effects, please reach out to us immediately.

QAre there any alternatives to a root canal?
A: At this point, a root canal is the best option to save a deeply infected tooth. The only other alternative would be an extraction, which would be our last option.

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